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Four Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents

For over 20 years, the skilled team at Adams Legal Group has helped drivers injured in car accidents in the Louisville area recover the compensation they deserve. During that time, our clients tend to ask us the following questions when meeting with us during a free initial consultation.

1. Can I Get A Rental Car?

After an accident involving a motor vehicle, many people worry about driving to work or taking their children to school. Within 24 hours of taking your case, we will begin working to get you behind the wheel of a rental car. We will ensure that a lack of transportation is not something you will need to worry about after an accident.

2. Who Will Pay My Medical Bills?

Depending on the severity of your injuries, either your auto insurance or the other driver's insurers may compensate you to help you pay for health care expenses. No matter how minor you may think your injuries are, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Speak with our team today by calling 866-209-8414 to learn how much you may be entitled to receive to help pay for your medical bills.

3. What Am I Going To Do About My Lost Wages?

In addition to medical bills, a car accident may also prevent you from working. As part of our negotiations with an insurance company, we factor in lost wages to help ensure you are fully compensated after a motor vehicle wreck. If we cannot obtain a settlement that fairly compensates you for your lost wages, we will file a formal lawsuit if necessary.

4. Should I Speak With An Insurance Company?

You should never speak with an insurance company without consulting a skilled lawyer first. Insurance companies may use your comments to deny your claim or reduce the benefits you will receive. We understand the tactics insurers use and will advocate directly with them on your behalf.

You've Got Questions. We'll Make Sure They're Answered

Going through a car accident is stressful, and understanding how the law works in Kentucky can be confusing. Our dedicated team will work to resolve your legal issues so that you can focus on recovering.

Call us today at 866-209-8414 or send us an email to schedule a free initial consultation with our experienced attorney.